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offer a very high quality. The layers of mineral wool are covered with galvanised sheet steel that should.5. General points, the methods described below for insulating jet ejectors, condensers, sound absorbers and pipes are merely suggestions. Sound insulation with a continuous pipe- or container-wall with an end piece. The term jet ejector describes a device in which a pumping effect is achieved using a motive fluid. They are designed in a multitude of materials and optimised for their application purposes. In particular, do not use any spacers.

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Sectional model of a steam jet vacuum pump. M is an online store for anyone with a passion for electronics and gadgets. The ratio pd / ps is the compression ratio of a jet ejector. The motive fluid passes successively through these two components. Apply a sound insulation layer 3 mm thick to the inside of the sheet steel jacket. Our range includes the latest and most popular products. Part of the kinetic energy is transferred to the suction flow. Conversely, the flow is decelerated in the diffuser (4 5) while its pressure increases to the discharge pressure at the outlet of the jet ejector. Motive flow and suction flow are mixed at supersonic velocity and then decelerated to the sonic velocity upon reaching the diffuser throat. Sound insulation fittings and accessories Download brochure (PDF) Any questions?

geeektech korting

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